Latest Desktone Platform is First to Support Multiple Virtual Desktop Types While Lowering Service Provider Costs for Delivering DaaS

May 2nd, 2012

Service Providers Boost DaaS Adoption Leveraging New DaaS Automation Engine for Rapid Deployment and Multi-Data Center Capability to Improve End User Performance

Lexington, MA— Desktone, Inc., the pioneer of Desktops as a Service (DaaS), today launched the Desktone 5.0 Platform, raising the bar for the industry’s most flexible DaaS platform for service providers and telecommunication companies to offer hosted virtual desktop solutions to businesses and end users. Consumerization of IT is changing the way the workforce operates, with enterprises looking to support a multitude of end users devices from the corporate network without costly investments in infrastructure. Service providers such as Dell, NaviSite and Netelligent have embraced Desktone’s DaaS platform as a simple, affordable alternative to traditional virtual desktop technologies, using the cloud to deliver cost-effective, full-featured virtual desktops to any device.

The Desktone 5.0 Platform is the only platform that can deliver three separate types of hosted virtual desktops to end users, while providing industry-leading multi-tenancy and remaining in compliance with Microsoft licensing terms, all under one integrated product. The result is a breakthrough 40-50 percent reduction in the price point for DaaS and simplified management for operators.

“End user organizations want workstations that are easy to manage and inexpensive to run, and service providers are keen to meet this demand. So there’s been an explosion of interest in desktops as a service,” said Rachel Chalmers, research director, Infrastructure Management, The 451 Group. “Desktone now gives service providers a platform for delivering all kinds of desktops, from shared to fully featured, depending on what users need and what licenses are available.”

Since not all users require the same type of desktop, service providers require flexibility in the services they deliver to support heterogeneous end user environments. The Desktone 5.0 Platform is the only virtual desktop solution that can enable all desktop types for DaaS applicable for various use cases:

  • Hosted Full-Featured VDI: Delivering end users a full-featured desktop that replicates the exact experience of a physical Windows desktop.
  • Hosted Shared Leveraging Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH): An ideal option for users such as task workers that don’t require a full-featured desktop.
  • Hosted Personal Windows Server: A comparable Windows experience at a more affordable price, often utilized by small to mid-sized companies.

“Desktone is experiencing significant inbound requests for our DaaS solution, signing partnerships with global service providers who recognize the value proposition of delivering DaaS but need a platform to make it affordable, easy, reliable and secure,” said Peter McKay, CEO, Desktone. “The Desktone Platform is that solution; the first to give service providers the ability to provision and manage multiple types of hosted desktops from a single console. This approach is timely as service providers contemplate significant investment decisions in virtual desktop solutions as many existing XenApp versions near end of life.”

The Desktone 5.0 Platform features a new DaaS Automation Engine that facilitates rapid data center setup and desktop provisioning. Using the Automation Engine, service providers can automate builds of the data center infrastructure and provision full tenant environments in minutes versus weeks or months needed by vendors using traditional desktop virtualization technologies. Service providers can boost sales of DaaS offerings by delivering a true “try and buy” experience and accommodating deployments of all sizes, from free trials to more complex proof of concept deployments, scaling up to large production environments.

To further empower service providers, the Desktone platform now includes enhancements to maximize end user performance by reducing latency. The closer the hosted virtual desktop is to the end user, the better the performance. A new multi-data center management capability can dynamically provision hosted desktops from various data centers enabling service providers to deliver desktops to users globally. Desktone’s proprietary orchestration layer enables service providers to manage all three desktop delivery methods across multiple data centers all from a single management system, dramatically reducing management complexity.

“We are seeing increased demand for hosted desktops among customers looking to reduce cost and management complexity,” said Denis Martin, Executive Vice President and CTO, NaviSite. “But they also expect superior performance, scalability and feature rich virtual desktops. Desktone enables us to deliver these solutions in our Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering across multiple data centers.”

About Desktone

Desktone is changing the way people buy and manage desktops. Desktone pioneered the concept of cloud-hosted Desktops as a Service (DaaS), the easiest and most affordable way to deploy hosted virtual desktops. The Desktone Platform provides all of the benefits of virtualized desktops without any of the hassles. By delivering virtual desktops in the cloud, Desktone enables enterprises to rapidly provision desktops to users connected on any device, anywhere, without the upfront costs and complexity of traditional desktop virtualization – transforming desktops from a CAPEX to OPEX item. Founded in 2007, Desktone is funded by Highland Capital and Softbank and is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit


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