Recent News: Virtual Reality - Desktone and Virtual Computer Beam in Your Desktop from the Cloud

December 20th, 2011

Boston Business Journal by Kyle Alspach

It may look like a normal desktop environment. But if you’re using software from one of two Massachusetts companies — Desktone or Virtual Computer — that desktop you’re looking at is actually hosted in the cloud.

Both companies were founded in 2007 and are venture-backed (with Cambridge’s Highland Capital Partners and Citrix Systems as common investors).

But while both offer a similar service, each says they have a unique user in mind — and a different approach to getting there. For Desktone, it’s companies that want to save on hardware costs by giving their employees “thin client” screens that connect to the virtual desktop but don’t store anything.

Desktone. Based in Chelmsford, this company offers what it calls “desktops as a service.” The technology takes the concept of virtualization — traditionally used for making server usage more efficient — and marries it with the access to cloud computing.

The thinking goes something like this: If efficiency gains are achievable by letting multiple users store data on a single server, then why wouldn’t the same logic apply to desktops?

“A lot of desktops have excess capacity,” said CEO Peter McKay. “We bring the desktops together in a virtual environment and pool that capacity, and control it from a security perspective.”

Companies can save an estimated 30 to 50 percent over time by subscribing to the Desktone service — which avoids the need for buying new desktop computers in favor of cheaper thin clients, and cuts down on IT maintenance costs, McKay said.

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